Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Meatloaf and other tales

So I made meatloaf last Thursday for "la Comida," the main meal of the day. Carol, Marian, and Angel ate it for La Comida and then the munchkins had it for dinner that night. Everyone loved it except for the picky eater who doesn't like tomatoes or onions, both of which are in the meatloaf. But other than Daniela, it went over fabulously. Gabriel thought it was fantastic and his parents thought it was "que rica" which is a huge compliment from them. And Carol wanted the recipe. I think we did well.

Last night, the munchkins were in my bedroom before dinner while I was working on an essay. And Daniela found my copy of the September 2008 issue of Vogue, which I bought in the airport on my way over here. I like to look at the pictures, the photography in there is fabulous, and the clothing is so gorgeous. Dani was flipping through the magazine telling me what was "bonita" and what was "fea." And Gabi just wanted to look at the pictures because they were pretty.
And then we went to the play room to play because Gabi wanted to play with my Bible and I was afraid he would rip it because the pages are so fragile.

On Sunday, the family went to the Rioja valley, the wine capital of Spain, and brought back grapes. They're SOOOOOO sweet and deliciously amazing. The wine from Rioja valley is really good and the grapes are fabulous. I love eating them. They're so small (uvitas, no uvas) and very sweet. It's fabulous.

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