Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ah Espana...we love you

First things first...
I don't know if he'll see it but it is his eighth birthday so I"ll at least acknowledge the occasion via blog. And it's Alaina's birthday but I already took care of that via facebook. Now that we're all caught up on our duties....

The internet here is getting worse by the day and it's getting to be beyond ridiculous. But it's only in certain place.
And I have a culture exam today. That should be interesting. It could be disastrous. Or it could be fine. We'll have to see.

I shall be home alone this weekend. Yeah, that's right. I'm home alone for the third or fourth weekend in the eight weeks I've been here. How do I feel about that? Oh, let's aim for pretty pissed off. But I have plans for this weekend. So hopefully that will improve my prospects. I'm going to the movies tonight with Kayleigh. I'm going shopping one day this weekend. And tomorrow night, Alyssa, Brenda, and Natalie are coming over to watch 27 Dresses and I'm going to see if they can spend the night. If so, there will be more movies involved. We'll see what happens. Who knows what I might end up doing? Maybe I'll do homework. I could be a good kid and surprise us all.
I'm really craving Starbucks. I miss pumpkin spice lattes. I miss coffee shops. I miss pumpkin pie. I miss home. But there's only 46 more days in Spain. And next weekend, I'm going to Austria but I have to go to Barcelona to get there. And you know what Barcelona has? STARBUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don't have pumpkin spice lattes but they do have mocha and caramel macchiato and blueberry muffins. I'm getting excited.
In eight days, I'll be in Austria with Katie and it will be amazing. But first I have to write two papers and take an exam.


D.Cous. said...

Surely, there must be something to do in Spain when one's alone for a weekend other than watch an American chick flick! For shame, Cecelia! Don't they have bars, or discotheques, or museums, or someplace you can people watch?

And craving Starbucks? I do love me some crackbucks, but it's a definite step down in atmosphere and coffee quality than the many places where I spent too much money in France. Is Spain less of a coffee culture?

Have a great weekend!

Rina the Cat said...

Sounds like we need to have some pumpkin pie ready for you when you come home. Meanwhile, enjoy the specialities of Spain. You can have p. pie at home anytime.