Monday, October 27, 2008

The hallway is VERY cold

It really is. I'm pretty sure they don't use the heat here.
And yes, Jenny, you can come to the Jane Austen night. It's open to any GIRLS who want to come.

So the weekend...
Well, Friday I did homework and watched movies on my laptop. Saturday, I did homework and then I had a coffee and movie date with Crissy. We went to see "El Nino en los Pijamas de Rayas" or The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. It's about the Holocaust and VERY depressing but very good. It's British and I strongly recommend it.
Sunday, I watched Heroes and came up with theories about the show. I really do lead a VERY boring life. I need more movies to watch or something. Any recommendations? I'm really into chick flicks and stuff like that.

Also, I need a long-sleeved MICHIGAN t-shirt. Mine has holes in the armpits. And I fixed them as best I could with thread and a tapestry needle. But yeah, that's a sign of desperation.

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D.Cous. said...

Don't some guys like Jane Austen too? I'm not one of them, but if your invitation is open to any girls whatsoever, it seems a little sexist of you to exclude the boys.

Just sayin'.