Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I can show you the world, take you wonder by wonder

This past weekend, when I had my new hard drive installed, I lost about 75% of my music. I only have what I've purchased from iTunes and thereby saved to both my iTunes account and my iPod; everything else is gone. So Nicole very obligingly sent me "A Whole New World" and "Be Our Guest" and Alex K. sent me my absoulte favorite song of all Simon and Garfunkel. He's so sweet.

So if I can walk by the end of the day, it will be a miracle. This morning while walking to my wardrobe (where I keep my lion and my witch) I walked into my doorstop. And yes, I was wearing my glasses. I think it's time to get my brain checked. I ripped the skin off two toes and resisted the urge to scream the English form of "Joder." Go look that up and find out how Irish I really am.
And then on my way to school, I was crossing this wooden (and steel) bridge that I cross every day. But it was really wet today and I kept slipping. And TWICE I did the splits and landed on my right knee. And the second time, my right foot slid in between two boards on the bridge. I now have cuts all over my foot and my knee is bruised and bloodied. (Am I in a war?) The first time I fell, this nice girl stopped and asked if I was all right; I replied that I was since my pride had been wounded more than anything. But the second time, two girls walking by just started laughing at me. Okay, God, I get the message; I need some humility. By the way, could I have some painkillers with that humble pie? My knee and hip are killing me.

So I'm now going to address something that came up about a week ago. I posted about my spiritual loneliness in Bilbao and someone commented to remind me of the cloud of witnesses that surrounds and upholds me in faith...referring to the BVM and the saints. Okay, I know they're there. I talk to them A LOT. I think I probably owe St. Michael about $2,000, four children, two cats, and a chocolate bar. I'm pretty sure I'd better name one of my daughters Gianna, one Mary, and another Monica considering the amount of time I spending talking to them. And I'm already named after St. Cecilia and St. Irene, so I think I'm good with them.
My problem is in accountability and support. I hate being surrounded by cafeteria Catholics and having no one to uphold me in Catholicism. Spanish Catholics rarely go to Mass and they seem to ignore God or have forgotten him except when He can get them a day off work. They live in the land of saints like Teresa of Avila, Isidore of Seville, Ignatius of Loyola, and John of the Cross but they have forgotten God. And it is heart-breaking.
To worsen things, there are Catholics in my program but they aren't strong Catholics clinging to the morality of the Church but rather cafeteria Catholics. I hear girls rejoicing to be liberal Catholics, rejecting the Church on the scores of abortion and gay marriage. They embrace a practice that abuses women and reject He who liberated women. Christ was, in the words of Dr. Peter Kreeft, "such a gentleman that he asked his mother for permission to be born." And then he kept liberating women through his interactions with the women of his day. Most Jewish men of his time NEVER would have treated women like that. But now we must embrace the false Messiah who is really the African-American JFK who wants to kill all the "imperfect" babies. So if you aren't exactly the way we want you, you get to die.
St. Gianna Molla, pray for us. We're complete and utter morons. We've rejected truth in favor of the Kennedy family and their associates. The bodies keep piling up and we keep putting up our blinders. And we don't deserve the mercy of God for the crimes we are commiting. This November, this election will be a matter of life or death. Our culture, our way of life is on the line. Do we fall and join Europe in letting those who will reproduce and follow their Abrahamic law take over our world? Or do we rise above and accept the culture of life, accepting people the way and in the time decreed by God? Do we make ourselves the God once and for all or do we finally accept that we are not God and trust the Creator and Source of Life? We are in a pickle and in less than four weeks, we will find out exactly of what we are made.
St. Gianna Molla, pray for us.
Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Immaculate Conception, pray for us. We can't do this on our own.

And what do I want spiritually? I want support and accountability. I long to know that someone cares about me living according to the Gospel. I long to know that I'm not alone in living my faith. I long to see true Catholicism without reserve or adjustment living in my world. I know that I have support in heaven. What I wonder about is the world around me.
But I'm going to Vitoria this weekend; that should help.

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