Thursday, July 30, 2009

Please Pray

As you should know, I spent this past fall studying in Bilbao, Spain. Bilbao is the largest city in what is known as the "Basque Country." This is where the Basques-obviously-live. Until about 1300, the Basques were an independent nation. And until the mid-1800s, they still lived in relative anonymity and peace. They were allowed to do as they pleased and their ancient (pre-dating Christ) laws were honored by the Spanish government.
In 1939 Francisco Franco came to power in Spain and began suppressing all "non-Spanish" cultures. This included the Basques, the Catalans, and others. In 1959-in fact on July 31, 1959-at the University of Deusto-the school where I studied-the anarchic and pro-Basque group ETA was formed. ETA is an acronym for a Basque phrase meaning "Basque Homeland in Freedom."
Initially, ETA was merely a political group but quickly grew into a terrorist group. They have killed hundreds (over 800, I believe) of people-largely people connected with the Guardia Civil-a branch of the Spanish Army. They are currently hiding out in France for the most part.

On Wednesday, July 28, 2009-ETA struck again in Burgos, a city in northern Spain. See this news article. No one was killed but there were several injured.
And then today, Thursday, July 29, 2009, ETA struck again in Majorca. See here for more.

Please pray for an end to this violence and that the Spanish and French governments can bring those who are responsible to justice. Also pray for peace within Spain especially in the Basque Country as all of this continues to unfold. Pray for the souls of the men killed today and for their families. Pray for those who were injured yesterday. And pray for those responsible.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Crafting my way through a migraine

Fact: I have migraines.
Fact: I LOVE knitting and crocheting. And I'm getting into jewelry making.

When I have a migraine, I'm supposed to take this medication called "Imitrex" which is supposed to make my headaches and their posse go away. The problem with this is that the drugs make me really nauseous (which I generally already am from the migraine) and so I can't sleep for a really long time after taking the drugs.
So I read. And I craft. It helps me get through the pain and nausea.
I'm making blankets and a baby scarf and socks.
But whatever gets you through it...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese

That references a misquoting of this song by the Eurythmics.

I know what I'd really like to do with my life. I'm studying to be a teacher. And that is amazing. I really want to teach kids.
But there is something else that I want to do. But I don't see it being possible.
I want to own a shop sells tea, coffee, coffee drinks, handmade goods, and cookies and brownies made to order. Basic idea: you come in, pick out the cookie dough flavor or brownie flavor that you want, choose your mix-ins, and then we bake it for you while you wait. And while waiting, you can sit and drink a beverage of your choice, look at our knitted and crocheted goods, maybe do some knitting and crocheting of your own, and get some tips for your knitting.
My mom really likes this idea and has this dream that some day the two of us will be able to do it together.
But we can't financially do it right now.
But we really want to do it. And God willing, we will do it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What are we coming to?

Mark is still my little friend. He told me yesterday that I'm too crunchy to be eaten-thank God. So now, he just follows me places and sits next to me and tells me about how all boys grow up to be soldiers and all girls grow up to be medics.
Last Friday, he called me "Garbage Can" but he was "just playing around," as he told his father when I told Mr. Sneeze.
Later that evening, I told another Mark (who is almost thirteen years older than my little friend) about being called Garbage Can. He laughed and told me that I was nothing like a garbage can because I'm not "big or green or smelly." And apparently, garbage cans are not beautiful.
Another guy friend (who is 22) commented that he missed the days when you could express your interest in girls by calling them names and abusing them. However, he admitted that as he got older, he realized that the girls don't really like being hit or bitten or insulted.
I think the little guy is cute and funny-but I wouldn't appreciate it if a 22-year-old bit me or hit me or insulted me. At some point, it stops being cute.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Elizabeth, you're breaking my heart!

So this morning, I went to the Sneezes and was greeted with fresh pancakes for my birthday breakfast. After I ate my breakfast, CeCe came into the room with a fresh from the oven cupcake with a lit candle and they all sang "Happy Birthday" to me-in English, Flemish, and Polish. However, as young Mark sang, we realized that he had said "Happy Birthday dear Elizabeth" as he sang.
So after I blew out my candle, his mother and I asked him who Elizabeth was. He points at me and says "You-DUH!" And then he kept calling me Elizabeth or Lizzie the rest of the time I was there.
I've spent twenty-one years believing that my name was Cecilia. And then today, a seven-year-old challenges that.