Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese

That references a misquoting of this song by the Eurythmics.

I know what I'd really like to do with my life. I'm studying to be a teacher. And that is amazing. I really want to teach kids.
But there is something else that I want to do. But I don't see it being possible.
I want to own a shop sells tea, coffee, coffee drinks, handmade goods, and cookies and brownies made to order. Basic idea: you come in, pick out the cookie dough flavor or brownie flavor that you want, choose your mix-ins, and then we bake it for you while you wait. And while waiting, you can sit and drink a beverage of your choice, look at our knitted and crocheted goods, maybe do some knitting and crocheting of your own, and get some tips for your knitting.
My mom really likes this idea and has this dream that some day the two of us will be able to do it together.
But we can't financially do it right now.
But we really want to do it. And God willing, we will do it.

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