Thursday, October 2, 2008

I love being a big sister....

Well, folks, I've officially been in Espana for one month. Crazy how time flies...last night, Antonia and I were discussing the fact that past month has really flown by and the next two and a half will probably do exactly the same. It probably really will feel like no time at all has passed and yet so much as changed when I come home in December.
Last night I had an amazing skype date with my big brother and Nicole and Clarissa. I love those kids; they're amazing.
And then I went home to the world where I'm the big sister. And I love being the big sister. You see, as a child, I was THAT younger sister. I wanted a younger sister, someone who looked up to me and admired me. Now, I have someone who stares at me all through dinner and loves seeing my clothes and my hairbands and my "pendientes" (earrings) which are always "que bonitos." And then I have a little brother who wants to spend as much time as possible in my room climbing all over me and going underneath my bed. Last night, I got home after they'd eaten dinner so they were playing while I was eating and talking to Marian. Daniela had just taken her first ballet lesson that day so she was showing me what she had learned. That girl was born to be an actress or something; she loves having an audience. After dinner, we were in the kitchen cleaning up and I suddenly became a human jungle gym. I was being climbed and people were crawling between my legs. So I kept moving to make their game more complicated because I'm all sweet and loving like that. And then when it was time for the munchkins to go to bed, they were supposed to give me a kiss and say "buenas noches." But instead, they both started climbing all over me demanding that I give piggyback rides. As we all know, I can't carry two children at once, so I just started walking...with one child hanging on to my right leg and the other on my left. We almost fell over a few times and as I walked I was delivering a (probably unheard) monologue about not being a horse or a tree. But it was worth it; we made it all the way to the bathroom where they needed to brush their teeth. And I actually got my good-night kiss from Gabriel this time. But that was probably only because I picked him up and kissed him on the cheek. But they really are great kids...

And on a computer note, Dell is supposed to give me a free new hard drive and then reinstall Windows for me. Oh joyous...I think it's time to start a fund to raise money for me to buy a Mac when I get home.

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Ann said...

what a fun post. Daniela and Gabriel sound very different from Marita and Mark, but I can also easily see some parallels. I love that feeling of being loved, and I also love having the power to squish them lol. (Not that I've ever done such a thing, naturally.) I hope they don't injure you or anything!

also, I heartily commend you on your baking endeavors in your previous post. Tis a lovely season for baking! Happy October :)