Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Europe 8, Cecilia 3

So today Europe won two battles. I now own a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of rubber rain boots. My feet have been completely soaked through a few too many times and my ballet flats are basically ruined. Therefore I now own boots. And you literally cannot get these boots on your legs without wearing skinny jeans. Hence, I own skinny jeans.
And I made that count up. I have no clue what the count is between me and Spain. I might actually be winning. Who knows?

Yesterday, a classmate told me that he liked my outfit that day and thought I looked very Victorian.

And today, Carol, the nanny, told me that she wants to quit her job because for 600 Euro/month, she now has to take care of the kids, clean our apartment, cook for us and the grandparents, and clean the grandparents' apartment. I think she's pretty serious. She told me that she'll stay until I leave and then she wants to leave after that. So what do I do? I'm pretty confused.

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Rina the Cat said...

I don't see it as your responsiblity to do anything about Carol. If she's unhappy, she should tell Marian and Angel. It sounds as if they expect too much from her; at least she'll stay as long as you're there.