Thursday, September 25, 2008

Politics and a brief Update

So I'm not in the U.S., so I don't know everything that's going on with the economy and politics. However, I have been trying to keep up with the news as best I can. And Donal's most recent blog post, which can be read here, enlightened me and helped me. I have to agree with what he says. And after reading the news today, I have to say that our country is in pretty crappy stuff. I'm not crazy about McCain but now is NOT the time for the Messiah who wants Power. As I recall the Messiah is supposed to be the Suffering Servant, not demanding power and saying "Hey, look at me. I'm amazing." And I'm not a fan of Biden simply because I like it when Catholic politicians actually live their freaking faith and follow the teachings of the Catholic Church. (Let's all review very quickly; the Catholic Church is opposed to abortion.) I like Palin; I think she's pretty amazing. And I've never really liked McCain and I'm really afraid he'll die in office. But hey...Matt Damon doesn't know everything; maybe Palin would be a good president.

Life here is Spain is pretty great. I love living with Gabriel and Daniela; they're such sweethearts. And I'm not making dinner tonight. I've been postponed to next week due to the fact that no one is going to be home for dinner tonight. But I have something to look forward to next week. And I get to go to the candy store with Melanie, Jessica, and Reba tonight. Trips to the candy store are always amazing.
This weekend, I'm getting together with Kim, the nanny of one of Antonia's friends. Kim is actually from Grand Rapids and went to GVSU. And I met her once last spring. But we were put in contact by Antonia. Crazy, huh?
Other than that, I have a lot of "deberes," or homework, to do. It's not going to be the most fun on record. But I'll live. Next weekend, we're going to the south of France, which should be fun. And the weekend after that I'm going to Vitoria to visit the community; I'm SUPER excited about that. And I'm officially on for visiting the Joys in early November. I told Antonia about it last night and she was like "Can you afford that?" So I explained that I just bought myself a student Eurorail pass which allows me unlimited travel for ten days over the next two months. And hopefully I'll be hitting Rome Thanksgiving weekend.
God is good.
I'm having computer troubles, unfortunately, but I'm going to try calling Dell tonight. Maybe they can help me out. Or maybe they'll give me a new computer since I'm still under warranty for another two years. We'll see.
And random fact of the day: I really like talking to people from home. Yesterday morning, I got to talk to Alex K. and that made me happy. I like being reminded that there are people back home who are praying for me and support me in my life and decisions. Skype anyone? If you make an appointment with me, I can skype Monday-Thursday at 7pm. And I can do phone calls then.


Ann said...

Hmmmm maybe we can Skype some time! at least for a little bit. That'd be fun :)

I read your blog! (hug) hope you're having a good day. Good luck with the computer thing.. and no comment on politics. Love :)

Mary said...

Politics has never been fun..don't expect any changes soon, myself.
Your blog is so interesting; I want to do one for you about Rina, but I don't know when I'd have time to do that!
So we need to make a Skype appointment. I'll email you about that soon.