Monday, September 22, 2008

Madrid y Toledo

First off, pictures won't be appearing until tomorrow. I haven't loaded them unto the computer yet. But the trip was wonderful. I liked Madrid and I loved Toledo. I think I need big cities but not too big. I wasn't a huge fan of Madrid; it was fun to visit but I couldn't live there. But they do have Starbucks there and Bilbao doesn't have Starbucks at all. And I really like a coffee shop where I can talk to the baristas and joke around with friends. And I haven't found that here. Here, that's more of a bar/club thing and I'm really not a bar/club person.
We saw a lot of things in Madrid: el Palacio Real, where the Royal Family does NOT live anymore and where you can NOT take pictures, la Catadral Moderna, el Mueso del Prado, las Austrias de Madrid, la Puerta del Sol, la Plaza de Espana (which was kind of by accident), and la Plaza Mayor. We also saw Real Madrid's stadium from the bus. It was beautiful and wonderful. We also went to this seven floor club (La Kapitol) and if you're ever in Madrid, DO NOT GO. It's crowded, gross, and not that exciting. And it's a 20 euro cover fee for entrance and one drink. It's not worth it.
In Toledo we saw a the Cathedral, which was beautiful but would have been more enjoyable if we had not had the most obnoxious tour guide in the history of ever. I was tired and I didn't give a too-da-lee-doo about what kind of architecture the organ was; I just wanted to pray and look around. We got to explore the city a bit and I saw some gorgeous things.
Side note: I bought postcards for Allison, Alex, and Kyle in both Madrid and Toledo but I think I lost them in our hotel, so you people will all have to just live with my pictures.
Anyway, in Toledo they sell Mallorcan pearls and I was tempted to buy some. But I didn't. But htey aren't that expensive. I was looking for an icon of San Jose for the Perrotas (Kevin and Louise there) but they didn't have one.
We came home yesterday and I'm glad to be back. I love my family here and I missed the kiddos while I was gone.
I'll post more later when I'm not so tired.

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