Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If C.S. Lewis were alive, I'd totally marry him.

Yes, I mean that.
Last night during my prayer time, I was inspired to listen to a Peter Kreeft talk and found an amazing quotation.
"War amounts to saying 'let's all get into funny looking uniforms and go out and kill each other tomorrow morning.'"
I'm not sure that's exactly right but more or less...that's what happens.
I bring this up because we need to talk about ETA. There have been a few bombings over here lately and at least one person has been killed. We're fine and safe here as of right now. If anything changes, I'm sure that the U.S. Embassy will get us out of here. here is going well. School is really starting to pick up. I'm reading books and writing essays and yesterday I spent probably four or five hours in my room just doing homework. But I still have a mother who worries about me and fusses over me. And I think Antonia finally understands that I don't like going out clubbing at night.
And it looks like (once I type up the syllabus) I'm going to be able to transfer my grammar class back to GVSU as a phonetics class. So life is good.
Gabriel sticks his hands in my water glass every night or tries to steal my food. And Daniela is a drama queen, much like I was at her age.
But is good. And so are side hugs.
And on Friday I'm getting together with a Christian girl who is working as a nanny for my host mom's friend. And this girl happens to be from Grand Rapids. And I met her once before. It's so random but so amazing. And I'm looking forward to it.

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