Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Unprepared Post

So it's starting to get a bit chilly in Bilbao. Unfortunately, I have to open the bathroom window every morning after I shower to deal with condensation and such. It helps air out the bathroom and all that. (There's no fan in the bathroom.)
This also means that Carol has to dry all the laundry in the house, which is interesting seeing where she finds places to hang up your socks (the radiator) or your shirt is on a chair...but it's soaking wet.
Gabriel and Daniela are now full-time students. This means that I eat my main meal of the day with Carol, which is fun. I really like her. She's fun to talk to and she doesn't scream (like Gabi) every two seconds. The other part of the kids being in school is that they are much more tired at night. Last night, Antonia wasn't home for supper, so it was just me, Angel, an artist, and a dog. The artist loved her lasagna and ate three pieces of it but no salad. The dog didn't want to eat his lasagna at all but managed to get it down somehow. And then the dog wanted to eat "galletas con leche" but then didn't. It was all very interesting. And then a horse took the artist and put her in her bed so her father (who had to transport the dog to bed).
If you're interested, I had hamburger meat with ketchup and some salad and a pear for dinner last night. They're really good about accommodating my milk-retardedness here.
Gabriel loves to pretend that he's a pirate or a dog, usually a dog. But when he's a dog, he climbs all over me and licks me...a lot. He licks my legs and my face and my arms. It's all very interesting...and slightly disgusting. He's such a sweetie but a little bit ridiculous. And he's (typical of a kid his age) very cranky when tired, which is nightly now that he's in school.
And Dani is so cute and loving and affectionate. It's great. They love coming in my room and climbing all over me and jumping on my bed. I love it. Someday soon I'll get pictures of them and post them up here.

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Mary said...

I don't think I would like being licked by a "dog" either.