Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Un año después…

It's been one year since I left for Spain.
I think today will be a much more peaceful day than 1 de septiembre de 2008 was.
I just have two classes and a skype date with Kayleigh-a friend from Spain.

I finished my first knitted blanket on Sunday night; I'm so proud. Now I need money to buy the yarn so I can start my first crocheted sweater. I found a pattern online (thanks to Ravelry) and am super excited to start making it. I also have a knitted sweater I'm hoping to start someday soon. But that one requires special new needles so that will be a while in coming. I'm also not sure what yarn to use for that project, so it's really going to have to wait.
(I left the cord for uploading pictures from my camera at my parents' house, so pictures of my new apartment, my new blanket, and other things will be a bit in coming.)
I didn't knit this much before I went to Spain. Or crochet this much... Or drink this much tea...I drink at least two cups a day.
But I really think that going to Spain was a good thing for me.
Plus, how else would I have ever gotten to go to Rome for the Feast of St. Cecilia at the age of 20?
Spain was-despite all the rough spots-so worth it.

Now if only I could find my cell phone charger...I never had that problem in Spain. (And I did have a cell phone there.)

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