Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Crocheted Musings

My esteemed institution of higher education deems it an exceptional idea to give us both Labor Day and the next day off. This affords us more time to do homework and enjoy the end of summer. It also prevents us from having a fall break in October. And let me tell you; I would love a break in October-even if it were just one or two days off.

In my case, this break has included more crocheting that usual.
This weekend, I bought four skeins of a beautiful gray medium weight yarn. Two of those skeins are now a beautiful gray sweater that is hanging in my closet while a third is being turned into a slouch hat for winter. And the fourth will probably become a scarf to match the hat.
I worked on the sweater while watching movies and while hanging out with friends all weekend. Now it just needs buttons, which I'll buy soon.
And the hat seems to be coming along really quickly.
I blame Ravelry for my spurt of creativity. Ever since Jenny Pink introduced me to the site a few months ago, I have found some amazing patterns for things that I've long wanted to make but just haven't known HOW to do it-or how to find a good, easy to follow pattern.
But now, I know. They have a lot of free patterns (and many more that you have to pay to use) that are pretty easy to follow.

I may also start taking more requests from people.

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