Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Opinions, please

I had to write the following poem for my Creative Writing class and I need some feedback. I think it sucks. But I want to know if you think it contains any imagery, metaphor, or other artistic bullcrap.

Yarn over, pull through

After seventeen months, I finally finished it

With one slip-stitch-

And a knot.

Seven feet long, pink with four white stripes

We made Alex stay until two in the morning

So I could have more witnesses to my triumphant moment.

Ben was there for the beginning-

When I was seventeen and naïve.

Alex was there for the end-

But they’ll both be there for more.

Yarn over, pull through

It’s three o’clock in the morning

And Kyle and I are tired, too tired.

Alex and Nicole are laughing and giggling-

About something, who knows what.

I crochet while Kyle talks,

Talks about dumb stuff

I say stupid things that no one will remember

Or maybe everyone will.

And he just laughs-but not at me.

Yarn over, pull through

Twelve hours is a long time in a car

Too long when you’re sick

Twelve hours across the vast expanse of rock and field that they call Ontario

A land of golf courses and Toronto and blah

But on a green couch with Ben as I crochet

It’s all worth it.

Annie teaches Miche to knit.

Alex even tries.

But I won’t teach Ben. He’ll mess it up.

Or do something wrong.

Yarn over, pull through

Cary Grant is suave and debonair-

Kyle’s hero.

Jimmy Stewart is softer, slighter, but still strong-

Alex’s hero.

Friday night at the movies-

Some of the old meet a new generation

Rum brownies, crocheting, Alex, Annie, and an old movie-

It’s a plan-a tradition-

If you will.

Yarn over, pull through

Blankets, scarves, mittens, hats, sweaters-I’ve made ‘em

While driving, while talking, while movie-watching

While with Alex, with Annie, with Ben, with Miche, with Kyle-

And with others-and in many places

Spain, Montreal, and home

Many colors, many ideas

Yarn over, pull through,

And end it with a slip-stitch-

And a knot,

But there’ll always be more.

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