Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why I am not Supporting Athletic Bilbao

Today, FC Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao face off in the final of "La Copa del Rey." So we have Catalunya against the Euskal Herria. (Catalunya is the name in Catalan; Euskal Herria means "Basque Country" in Euskera.)
This is not merely a soccer match. This is a political moment.

Read this:
"Barcelona president Joan Laporta has once again combined sport with politics, as he commented on the upcoming Copa del Rey final between his side and Athletic Bilbao.

Speaking at the official dinner ahead of the match, Laporta said, 'These are two teams that represent a very important social mass in their countries.'

The use of the word 'countries', referring to the autonomous communities of Catalunya and the Basque Country, is unlikely to go unnoticed."


There is cultural/ethnic identity and then there is taking things too far.

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