Thursday, May 7, 2009

Patience: Hush, child; you couldn't possibly understand

"Hush, child; you couldn't possibly understand" is a Peter Kreeft paraphrase of several chapters of the Book of Job.
I have also realized the inherent truth wrapped up in that statement. I cannot understand the ways of God.
This week, the Sword of the Spirit held its International Women's Conference at the St. John's Retreat Center in Plymouth, Michigan. This conference occurs every four years and this year, it was the Word of Life's turn to host. (WOL is my home community.)
On Monday afternoon, I received a phone call requesting my services as an interpreter for a talk that would be given in English on Tuesday afternoon; it needed to be interpreted for the Hispanohablantes present. I agreed to do this. Going into it, I was nervous but it went well-over all. I had to do some simultaneous translation that was far from planned. But it went well. And I'm glad I did it.
While I was at the retreat center, I ran into a woman named Rosario who is a leader in the community in Vitoria, Spain-which I visited while in Bilbao. It was SO good to see her. And she asked me when I was going to return to Vitoria. I replied soon.
The day before, a young man from Vitoria with whom I am facebook friends asked me when I would be returning to Vitoria; I replied when God provides me with the time and the money.
Today, I took two women from Honduras to the Twelve Oaks mall in Novi. It was a lesson in patience as I translated between them and various sales clerks. But it was good.
This evening, I attended a social event for all Word of Life women and the women attending the conference. While talking to a woman from Glasgow, she asked me if I was planning on doing a GAP year. I said yes, I was thinking about it BUT I want to wait until after I graduate. She asked me if I had met any of the women from Spain who were with us. I said yes.
And then I realized that I'm being recruited-by both Man and God. I think I'm supposed to do a GAP year-after I graduate, por fa- and I'm supposed to go to Vitoria.
If this is indeed the will of God, then I will do it.

I'd also really like it if the Red Wings won.

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