Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some Like It Hot

So today I was bored. I have at least one major assignment due every school day this week except Thursday. And I was bored. Go figure. This boredom led me to decide that I would make my own pasta sauce. This way I would have something to do that had nothing to do with "the Christian family as social foundation in Uncle Tom's Cabin" or my ten-minute play or philosophy AND I would have yummy pasta sauce for the next couple of days.
I went to the grocery store and bought sausage, tomato paste, and diced tomatoes (and cereal and tricuits but those are irrelevant). I went home, did more homework, and went into the kitchen to cook. I diced garlic and onions and cooked them up with the sausage. Then I opened the can of diced tomatoes and smelled something spicy. So I looked at the can. I had bought diced tomatoes WITH GREEN CHILIES. Crap. But I poured them into the saucepan on the stove, added tomato paste and water, and then turned on the heat. Then I liberally added parsley and fresh basil (from the basil plants growing in my window sill). When the meat, garlic, and onion were done cooking, I mixed them in with the tomatoes and spices. Then I cooked up my spaghetti and mixed some pasta and some sauce together.
It was spicy. But it was good.
Verdict? I never would have thought of this on my own. But it was good. I'd probably do it again-on purpose.

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