Tuesday, December 8, 2009

But I DON'T want a snow day

So it's snowy out here in West Michigan. And we're under a winter weather advisory. So all the freshmen and sophomores (and some upperclassmen too) are clambering "SNOW DAY! SNOW DAY!" for tomorrow or Thursday or Friday...since we're expecting a lake effect blizzard indefinitely.
I don't want a snow day. I'm a senior. I have several large papers/projects due between now and this coming Monday. One of them is due tomorrow. In two other classes, tomorrow is the last chance I really have to see/talk to my professors before large papers (and a final exam) are due. I need classes tomorrow.
Plus, there's this whole momentum thing. I'm basically done writing the papers; I just need to turn them in...and in one case finish writing once I get the edits from the professor-some time tonight. But I'm on a roll. I'm ready to deal with that paper and just push through until Thursday when I get the exam question bank for my American Lit final and then turn in a final and a paper on Friday. And then I have the weekend to relax and study for American Lit and put the finishing touches on my Spanish Lit paper due on Monday. I'm on a roll; I'm ready.
But a snow day? All I'd do tomorrow is lie around, watching movies and reading books. Trust me; I do not need or want a snow day.

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