Saturday, December 5, 2009

Are you being served?

Are You Being Served? was a 1970s BBC comedy show set in a department show. It is now in reruns on late-night PBS.
It's also a question to which I can answer "yes."
My left knee has been bothering me a lot lately. So this morning I was on crutches. I'm actually using them in general except when going to class and to work right now.
This morning, I went to UCO Foundations with my crutches. I drove to the women's household and then drove to the class with them. They helped me carry my things around and blessed me with their willingness to help me. Lauren even helped me take my shoes off when we went inside the house.
Service is a huge part of being a Christian. We are called to serve our neighbors and put their needs ahead of ourselves. But learning to be served is also a part of our calling. This past August, I spent four days on crutches and spent that time learning to ask for help and to accept service even when it required admission of weakness on my own part and allowing myself to be humbled.
But I'm getting better at asking for help and accepting it when it's offered. This morning, I trusted someone else to pour me a cup of coffee and put creamer in it. And I let someone else get my breakfast for me.
I think that I'm not the only one who has trouble with this. But I think it's important to allow ourselves both to serve and be served. We have to be able to both humbly serve others and accept service humbly.
It's not about us. It never was. It's about Him. And He lived humility in action.

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