Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Six days left in Spain

Well, I had an interesting weekend. Once again I was home alone whilest my "family" went skiing. Except they didn't actually go skiing because it was raining all weekend. But I was still home alone.
Friday, I went to Santander with Jessica, her host mom Lourdes, Melanie, and Andi. It was gorgeous. Then I went to Burger King for dinner when I got home.
Saturday, I did homework until 5ish when Brenda, Natalie, and Alyssa came over. We ate pizza, watched 27 Dresses and had girl talk. It was delightful.
Sunday, I went to Mass and hung around the apartment feeling like crap. In the evening, I went out with Andi and Brittany to see the Christmas lights of Bilbao. It was very pretty and fun to see them.
Yesterday was a national holiday, Immaculate Conception. So Andi, Jessica, Melanie, Sarah, and I booked it out to San Sebastian to climb a mountain, see the sights, and eat some pintxos (aka tapas). It was wonderful.
And then I went home. When I got home, I had a major migraine that had been building for the past several days. So I took Imitrex and laid down while uploading pictures from my camera onto my computer. And then about fifteen minutes later, my host family came home.
And while Angel was taking stuff from the ski trip up to the attic, he saw my luggage and brought it downstairs for me. So now I can start packing. I'm really looking forward to going home.
I'll be home in less than a week. It's been an interesting experience over here and I'm glad I had it. But I'm really ready to head home.

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