Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Never Trust a Man Wearing a Beaded Snood

Theoretically speaking, I am currently sitting in my school's Language Resource Center watching Mozart's opera Don Giovanni as the title character wears a beaded snood in his hair and seduces 2,065 women. The music is lovely. And I wish I owned his snood. But the point remains...c'mon ladies! Never, never, never trust a man wearing a beaded snood.
I really am watching it. It's just kind of weird that he's wearing a beaded snood. I want a beaded snood. I don't want to be seduced. And I don't like reading 90 million different adaptations of Don Juan. The guy's a jerk; I got that in adaptation #1...and now I'm on #4. Admittedly, watching an opera is more fun than reading a book.
I'm also knitting my Slouchy Cardigan. I finished the back piece last night and cast on the right front. I have to finish that piece, make the left front, make the sleeves and the hood, and then it'll be done. I think I should have it done by Easter. (Knock on wood. *Rap, rap*)

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D.Cous. said...

Ok, so I had to use Google to find out that beaded snood is not actually something made up by Doctor Seuss. It turns out it's sort of like a decorative hair mat, or something. I'm not sure. Maybe if you work as a fancy short order cook you wear one.

What I can't for the life of me figure out, and Google seems to be no help to me here, is how one would go about seducing even one woman whilst wearing such a thing.