Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The World Traveler Strikes Again!

So I've started to get bored of late. After all, I've been in the same country for the past two months. Granted, I've been in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids and even a brief jaunt off to the worst city ever. But by and large, I have not been traveling.
Next week is my Spring Break. So a few months back, I, along with Annie and Kyle, received an invitation from my good friend, Michel, who lives in Montreal, Quebec to come visit. We all eagerly jumped on it.
Yesterday, Kyle's twin brother, Alex, and my dear friend, Ben, arrived in Montreal. Alex and Ben are students at the University of Michigan and are enjoying their Spring Break this week.
Tomorrow, Kyle, Annie, and I will be driving to Montreal and arriving there very, very late tomorrow night...or very, very early tomorrow morning.
Friday, we will spend planning and praying as well as seeing a bit of the city. All five of us American travelers are members of University Christian Outreach at our respective universities. And Michel is involved in the UCO in Montreal. So on Saturday, we will be working together to put on a Fan into Flame retreat for les Quebecois.
Saturday, we have this retreat; please pray for us and for the retreat and for blessing and success.
Sunday, after church services, we will bid Alex and Ben farewell as they head back home to return to their studies. And then, Kyle, Annie, and I will see a bit more of Montreal before heading back home ourselves.
Please pray for all of this-especially for our travels and our health.

Also, next Thursday, I have a job interview here in Grand Rapids. Please pray for its success and God's blessing upon it.

And I have UCO in 17 minutes.

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DaWheeze said...

Cool, sounds like a good time!