Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My name "Cecilia" comes from the Latin "Caecalia" which means (more or less) blind. I usually find this quite fitting since St. Cecilia may have been blind.
This morning, a girl in my linguistics class came up to me and asked me what my name was. I introduced myself and after she stumbled over my name for a moment or two, she commented that she'd never heard it before and she wondered what it's origins were. I told her that it was originally Italian, coming from Latin.
Over the weekend, my friend Kyle and I were looking at a dictionary we found at the UCO women's household. (The dictionary was published during Carter's presidency, to give you an idea of its age.) It had the meanings of various names. And it had "Cecelia" but not "Cecilia." Kyle had never heard of that "Cecelia" spelling but did not approve. However, having found the meaning of my name, he wanted to find the meaning of his own. And it wasn't in the dictionary we were working with. Eldric and Mildred were but Kyle wasn't.
So today, I went online and looking it up. Kyle means "handsome" or "near the chapel" in Gaelic. Such a lucky guy...I think he's planning on being a priest.

College is going well. And I love being home. But I really need a job.

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