Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reflecting on Rome

Just look at all the clergy; two priests just stop and stare at me for a moment because they thought I was taking pictures and they didn't want things to be blurry...or something.
But just look at them and listen to the music. That choir was phenomenal. I'm really glad that I went to Rome for the feasts of St. Cecilia and Christ the King.

It's the Pope speaking to us in Spanish.

Pope speaking Italian; this one came first but I uploaded wrong.

The Pope also speaks English. He's so talented. I love him.

And obviously, I made it back to Bilbao in one piece. Now I just have write papers, give presentations, and keep my head above water for 20 more days.
And please enjoy my videos of my friend, Ben. He's a German Shepherd and I really like him. He is really multilingual and extremely fun. He also has an escape tunnel from the Vatican to Castle San Andrea. Basically, he's just the coolest dude alive.

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